FC Ylivieska

FC Ylivieska was one of 36 clubs from Finland that had teams playing during Ylivieska Cup 2020. They participated with 14 teams in all categories of the tournament. Two teams played until 1-2 in 2. kierros; Tytöt 2009 (T11) 09/10 won over Oulaisten Huima by 1-0 or Pojat 2007 (P13) P08 won over FC Ylivieska P07/08 by 4-1.

In addition to this, FC Ylivieska have participated in Ylivieska Cup before. During Ylivieska Cup 2019, FC Ylivieska had 18 teams playing in Pojat 2011/12 (P8), Pojat 2010 (P9), Pojat 2009 (P10), Pojat 2008 (P11), Tytöt 2010/11 (T8/9), Tytöt 2009 (T10) and Tytöt 2008 (T11) respectively. The team in Tytöt 2008 (T11) made it to the the in 1. kierrosand won it over Kalajoen Pallo by 5-0.

FC Ylivieska originates from Ylivieska, which is the same city as where Ylivieska Cup takes place. The area around YLIVIESKA does also provide six additional clubs participating during Ylivieska Cup 2020 (Oulaisten Huima, FC 92, FC92, Fc92 nivala, Kannuksen Ura or FC-92).

58 games played


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