Toholammin Urheilijat P2010

Registration number: 1036
Registrator: Armi Hotakainen Log in
Primary shirt color: Punainen
Leader: Armi Hotakainen
Toholammin Urheilijat was one of 30 clubs from Finland that had teams playing during Ylivieska Cup 2019. They participated with one team in Pojat 2010 (P9).

In addition to Toholammin Urheilijat, 14 other teams played in Pojat 2010 (P9). They were divided into 3 different groups, whereof Toholammin Urheilijat could be found in Group C together with Kannuksen Ura, OTP 10 punainen, Haapajärven Kiilat or FC Ylivieska Musta.

Toholammin Urheilijat comes from LAITALA which lies approximately 32 km from Ylivieska, where Ylivieska Cup takes place. The area around LAITALA does also provide four additional clubs participating during Ylivieska Cup 2019 (Kannuksen Ura, Kälviän Tarmo, FC Ylivieska or Kalajoen Pallo).

6 games played


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